A simple ToolStrip Tip for VB 2005 and Above

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This tip works with Visual Basic 2005, VB 2008, and VB.NET 2010. When you add your ToolStrip object on your form, select that item and you will see a small arrow at the top-right of the toolstrip control. Click on that arrow and you will see a option: “Insert Standard Items” link you can click. IF you want your ToolStrip to contain the common cut/copy/paste/open/save/print/ect……. features, then click that link and it will add all of the common items that most word processors contain; Cut/Copy/Paste/New/Ect… buttons with the icons associated with those features.

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2 thoughts on “A simple ToolStrip Tip for VB 2005 and Above

  1. senthil

    i have two doubt on vb.net 2008
    plz give me explain

    1. i want common cut,copy,paste codeing use contextmenu
    ex: textbox1.cut
    textbox1.paste this is not common the code is only use on “textbox1” only
    i want common cut,copy,paste codeing
    plz provide me

    2.one combo box items is

    first i enter “s” then

    i want to see on combobox dropdownlist visiblely
    selvam i want to list

    that’s means i want
    enter keyword to get fastest items on combobox view down

    plz provide me


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