Getting the Current Line Number in Textbox using VB.NET

There is unfortunately no so-called ‘built-in’ way to get the current line number in a Visual Basic.NET Textbox control. Microsoft added that support in Visual Basic 2005/2008/2010. But many still use the original .NET versions which do not have that feature in the textbox control.

What to do? Well, there is a somewhat easy way to add this feature by using the Windows API. The API to use is the SendMessage API call. Below is the declaration, constant value, and line# variable…

Getting the Current Line Number code

    'Unfortunately, .NET before 2005 doesn’t have a built-in feature to get the current
    'line. So I am using the SendMessage API to do it. You CAN do various extractions or
    'whatever to do it, but this is easier and more elegant in my opinion.
    'Used to Send Messages to the control and will be used with a request for the
    'current line number in the textbox control.
    Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32.dll" Alias "SendMessageA" (ByVal winHandle As Int32, _
        ByVal wMsg As Int32, ByVal wParam As Int32, ByVal lParam As Int32) As Int32
    'Constant found in the VB 6.0 API Viewer App IT will be passed to the SendMessage
    'API to tell the control to give the current Line # from the textbox character position.
    Public Const EM_LINEFROMCHAR = &HC9
    'Will be used to contain the current line #.
    Dim lineNum As Int32

You can put the codes below in the textbox_Click, textbox_Keydown, textbox_TextChange event you want to take place or a button control  to get the line# results or whatever. In other words, put the code for where/when you want the current line results.

I put these codes in the Textbox_TextChanges event and used a label control to display the current line number. Its also worth nothing that Windows reports line # starting at “0”. So if the API returns a “0”, you can Add (+) one to the value which will then show the line# as 1. Another example is if the Windows API returns a 1, but in reality the current line is the second, then as before simple add (+) a One(1) to the value which will then be line #2.

        'Call the API to get the Line # from the current char. Txt is your textbox control.
        lineNum = SendMessage(txt.Handle.ToInt32, EM_LINEFROMCHAR, -1, 0)
        'Windows sees the first line in a edit box as line 0. So just add a value of 1 to the
        'result if you want the first line to be line #1.
        lblCurrent.Text = "Current Line: #" & (lineNum + 1).ToString
        'Check for line count first to keep a possible error from happening if the textbox has
        If txt.Lines.Length > 0 Then
            'Get the text at the current line position.
            txtLineText.Text = txt.Lines.GetValue(lineNum)

        End If

Thats all there is to it! When you run your project and type your characters or make a new line or whatever in the textbox, the label control should show the number that the caret or cursor is currently at. If you want the Line # code to be updated when the mouse clicks on a different line or position, simply put the code above in the textbox_Click event. Have Fun!


Revisited: 2015

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  1. Shah

    sir i used this its working very well thankx,
    i also need that when i click a line then that will also selected.


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