Lots of FREE Visual Basic 2008 Examples

Microsoft has released more resources than ever with the newer programming languages than in the past it seems. The Visual Basic.NET 2008 RTM release comes with MANY examples ranging from PowerPoint and Exel, to Chatroom, GDI, and many others. This download is basically what’s on the Visual Studio 2008 RTM release. So, if you have VB 2008 Express or whatever, then you can get the RTM’ed Examples without having to have a Released To Manufacture version. Here is the Link to the Microsoft MDSN Download page.

The following is the list of samples:

  • Application Samples
    • AppEvents
    • ClickOnce
    • ConsoleApps
    • Environment
    • Excel
    • Game
    • Logging
    • Multithread
    • MyResources
    • PowerPoint
    • PrintformSample
    • SendMail
    • TCPRemoting
    • ThreadUIUpdate
    • UpgradeSample
    • UserInfo
    • VBLanguage
    • WebServiceClient
  • Data Samples
    • CreateDB
    • CustomDataControls
    • DataComboBox
    • DataSearch
    • DataValidation
    • LocalData
    • ObjectBinding
    • OCS
    • Serialization
    • StoredProcedures
    • XML
  • Language Samples
    • APICalls
    • arrays
    • CustomExceptions
    • DateTime
    • FileSystem
    • Generics
    • LINQ Samples
      • DynamicQuery
      • ExpressionTreeVisualizer
      • LinqToNorthwind
      • LinqToXMLDatabinding
      • LinqToXMLIntro
      • ObjectDumper
      • Reflector
      • Rss Aggregator
      • SampleQueries
      • SimpleLambdas
      • VB Provider
      • WinFormsDataBinding
      • XQuery
    • StringFormatting
    • Strings
    • TryCatch
    • VBLanguage
    • VBOOP
    • XMLComments
  • Server Component Samples
    • COMPort
    • EventLog
    • MessageQueue
    • PerfCounters
    • ProcessClass
    • ProcessViewer
    • ServiceManager
    • WMI
  • Tablet Samples
    • BackOfPenErase
    • ContextEnabledForm
    • DrawingAttributes
    • EnablingGestures
    • InkEnabledTextBox
    • PowerAware
    • SimpleTextRecognition
    • SpeechRecognition
  • WCF Samples
    • Chat
    • MagicEightball
    • WindowsForms
  • Winform Samples
    • Clipboard
    • CommonDialogs
    • DragDrop
    • DrawUserControl
    • DynamicControls
    • ExplorerApp
    • GDIAnimation
    • GDIBrushes
    • GDIImages
    • GDIPens
    • GDIText
    • HelpSample
    • InheritForm
    • ListBoxComboBox
    • Menus
    • NotifyIcon
    • Printing
    • RegExpressions
    • simplebrowser
    • StatusStrip
    • TopLevelForms
    • ValidateText

As you can see, there are some useful and interesting examples that Microsoft has available. If you see something that interests you, then simply go to this link for the download page at the msdn website. The download size is just over 9 MB, so if you have a slow speed connection like Dial-Up, then it could take you awhile to get. Wanted to also mention that some of the source code in these examples may work with earlier versions of Visual Basic.NET, especially VB.NET 2005.  Anyways, have fun!


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10 thoughts on “Lots of FREE Visual Basic 2008 Examples

  1. Yusuff Sullivan

    Hello, do you have any samples of projects in Visual basic 2008 where a project would have two separate field boxes to enter integers, the intergers could be added, subtratcted or multiplied. The project would have three buttons, one for each operation and a output field display the result of the operation performed. (example of output: 10+21=1771)?

  2. type cast

    can u help me with my thesis programing code…. Im alex from phillipines… if anyone of u can send me a code any visual basic code or manual,,,thank u…

  3. dahlak danniel

    I im second year informatiion technology student in ethiopia, wolloga univeristy so I want to now about vb.net pleas help me thank you for yoour help!!!!!!!!

  4. Mark Brown

    Can anyone help me.
    I am trying to learn Visual Basic.
    I have had 4 class periods on it, but I just can’t get a handle on what I am to do.

    I am trying to write program code that lets store clerks enter the total merchandise amount, and the program calculates the sales tax for them and spits back out the grand total.

    So far, I have got:

    Dim decSalesTax As Decimal = 0.06
    Dim decMerchandise As Decimal
    Dim decGrandTotal As Decimal
    Console.Write("Hello! Let me calculate the sales tax for you & give you the grand total")
    Console.WriteLine("Enter the cost of the merchandise: ")
    decFloralMerchandise = Console.ReadLine()
    decTotal = (decFloralMerchandise * decSalesTax) + (decFloralMerchandise)

    I just don’t know how to get it to allow multiple amounts to be entered, like 12.95, 17.45, 42.10, etc and spit back out a decSubTotal

    Then, I want it to take the sales tax and calculate it giving the grand total.

    It’s more than the class wants on one of the homework problems, but I wanted to impress the professor a bit.

    Even if I don’t worry about multiple amounts to be entered, I still need it to calculate and give me the grand total.

    if you can help, please email me at theknightshood@yahoo.com


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