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For awhile now Microsoft has been giving away some enticing free stuff for developers that register their 2005 Visual Basic whether it is the Express versions, Standard version and what-not. I remember back in 05 when MS started this and well, they have MUCH more stuff to give you if you register your VB. Below are just ‘some’ of the stuff you get…

OpenAccess Express

Vanatec OpenAccess Express provides free and fully functional object-relational mapping for Microsoft SQL Server Express. Reduce data access programming by 90& and increase productivity significantly with Vanatec OpenAccess, which works fully integrated into Visual Studion and provides feature-rich object-relational mapping to bridge the gap between object-oriented programming and relational databases.

Process MeNtOR Express

Process MeNtOR Express is a browser-based, step-by-step guide to help you develop great software!  Access a proven and tested software development roadmap and techniques, from a set of customerized Process MeNtOR menus with Visual Studio, including advice on how to gather requirements, design, develop, test and deploy your system.

IBiz OFX Integrator

Download a single machine license of IBiz OFX Integrator .NET Edition. These fully-managed .NET components  access live financial account data from banks, credit card accounts, and investment companies.

SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006

SpreadsheetGear for .NET 2006 Version includes:
* ASP.NET Excel Reporting – Royalty Free Deployment

* Excel Compatible Windows Forms Control

* Excel Compatible Calculations in any .NET Solution

rad ribbonbar

telerik radRibbonbar provides an easy-to-design implementation of the Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon user interface. With a radRibbonbar, you can organize all of the functionality of your application into a single compact ribbon containing an almost unlimited number of nested controls.

SkinCrafter Light

SkinCrafter Light provides you an easy (no coding required) way of adding skins to your Windows Forms.  With a simple adding of a control to your form and selecting the skin, you can enjoy a new and unique look with to your application.

That is ONLY a few of the free resources Microsoft will give you. There are Corbis Images and IconBuffet Icons you can use in your applications as well. PLus there are MANY resources to get discounts on many products. So, if your interested in some of this ‘stuff’ then I suggest you go to the ‘Help’ menu in your 2005 IDE and then Select – Register Product… to get started.

More info can be had at this link. Don’t forget to Register 🙂

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