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Sharpening Your Axis with Visual Basic 9 – Code Magazine Article

This is a four (4x) page article on using Linq with XML. The article breaks it down fairly well and shows how to do some pretty cool things using these features. The first page goes over XML Literals and using them with Embedded Expressions. Page two is basically using the XML Axis properties and creating XML Intellisense. Page three goes somewhat deep on using XML Relational Data using LINQ features. The final page goes over more Advance Namespace Scenerioes and provides some Tips and Tricks you can use as well. Anyways, below is a brief overview from the author.

Author Info…

  Visual Basic 9 in Visual Studio 2008 has a new set of language features that allows developers to work with XML in a much more productive way using a new API called LINQ to XML. LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and it allows you to write queries for things like objects, databases, and XML in a standard way. Visual Basic provides deep support for LINQ to XML through what’s called XML literals and XML axis properties. These features allow you to use a familiar, convenient syntax for working with XML in your Visual Basic code. LINQ to XML is a new, in-memory XML programming API specifically designed to leverage the LINQ framework. Even though you can call the LINQ APIs directly, only Visual Basic allows you to declare XML literals and directly access XML axis properties. This article will help you master these new features for working with XML in Visual Basic.

If your interested in checking out the article then click here to view it.  Have Fun!