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Get or Extract/Trim the extension from a filename and path in VB.NET

This will remove the extension from the filepath and return the extension only. There are two methods of doing it below. If you don’t care that the . (period) is included with the extension then use the second way. This works for all versions of .NET including Visual Basic 2010.

Here is One way to do it…

'This will extract and return the extension without the dot from a specified filename/path.
Dim filePath As String = "c:\MyDirectory\MY.File.jpeg"
Dim dotPosition As Integer = filePath.LastIndexOf(".")
Dim extOnly As String = filePath.Substring(dotPosition + 1)


Another easy way from Jim. But it will include the “.” period with the string.

'Thanks to Jim for this other method to get the file extension. Just remember that the "."
'(dot or period) will be included with the extension. So you will need to add codes to remove
'it if you don't want the extension seperator character included.

Dim fullPath As String = "c:\MyDirectory\MYFile.txt"
Dim fileName As String = IO.Path.GetExtension(fullPath)



Have fun 🙂