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Free E-Book – Professional C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines

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This is a Free e-book that goes over many areas of improving your codes. I didn’t have to much time but I glanced over the document and he does give good advice from what I viewed. This book covers both Visual Basic.NET and Visual C# programming. It is apparently for all versions of .NET including VB 2005, VB 2008, and Visual Basic 2010. Below is what the e-book covers.

Professional C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines

.NET Coding Guidelines is a 100+ page ebook (PDF) on naming conventions, best coding practices and patterns written by the industry expert Steven Sartain and delivered to you for Free by SubMain.

The document covers:

  • Naming Guidelines
  • Class Member Usage Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Exposing Functionality to COM
  • Error Raising & Handling Guidelines
  • Array Usage Guidelines
  • Operator Overloading Usage Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Casting Types
  • Common Design Patterns
  • Callback Function Usage
  • Time-Out Usage
  • Security in Class Libraries
  • Threading Design Guidelines
  • Formatting Standards
  • Commenting Code
  • Code Reviews
  • Additional Notes for VB .NET Developers



If your interested in getting this book, then simply go to this link for the main page and click on the download button. Have fun 🙂