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FREE Developer Training Sample and How Do I Videos


Partially Obsolete: The training promotion has ended but the rest of the content is still relevant.

Microsoft has been very busy promoting their orcas based languages. They actually have many resources for the Visual Studio 2008 Languages at their http://www.msdn.com/ website if you want to check them out. Below are links to get a Free Sample of InnerWorkings – Developer Training, and to get Free How Do I – Videos from Microsoft.

Below is the info to get a free Developer Training Sample…

 Free Developer Training

Welcome, .NET developers! As the buzz around Visual Studio 2008 builds, InnerWorkings has teamed up with Microsoft to offer the following hands-on learning samplers:

  • New Features in C# 3.0 (1 hour)
  • New Features in VB 9.0 (1 hour)
  • LINQ to SQL (1 hour)

This promotion is only available for a limited time, so click the orange Register Now button to get started.

Simply goto to this link get the info if your interested.

How Do I – Videos

Below is the info to get the free; How Do I – Videos from Microsoft and for Visual Studio 2008 languages. Below are some of the available Visual Basic based videos and the subjects they are based on.

Available Subjects…

  •  Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Series
  • Forms over Data Video Series
  • Object Binding Video Series
  • Visual Basic Interop Video Series

Some of the Available Videos

These are just some of the videos Microsoft has available. The length of the video’s varies from 3-4 Minutes all the way up to 24 Minutes. If your interested, click this link to goto the info page at Microsoft.com for VB 2008 based how do I videos. Thats all for Now! Have fun!


Revised: 2015