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More FREE ‘How Do I’ Video Examples from Microsoft

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Microsoft is doing a good job of helping people to learn their programming languages. They have recently added 48 New Videos for Visual Basic .NET. The videos appear to be based around VB 2005, and VB.NET 2008. There are a few that is for Visual Basic 2008 Only as well.

Below is a quick overview of each Video Series…


Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Series

This how-to video series is focused on the new LINQ language features of Visual Basic 9.0 included in Visual Studio 2008. LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query, and it enables you to write queries over things like objects, databases, and XML in a standard way using new language syntax. Learn how to use this productive new language feature in your Visual Basic programs.

Forms over Data Video Series

This how-to video series is dedicated to getting Visual Basic developers productive on areas of data-based Windows Application development. The series starts with the basics of database development with SQL-Server 2005 Express then walks through the details of connecting to and querying databases, Windows Forms development basics, Reporting, and Deployment using Visual Basic 2005.

Visual Basic 2008 Forms over Data Videos

These videos continue our series on data-based Windows Application development, now for Visual Basic 2008. Most of the previous 2005 videos are the same experience in Visual Basic 2008, but these videos will highlight the differences and new capabilities.

Windows Development Video Series

In this how-to video series Visual Basic developers will learn additional techniques on how to program .NET applications on the Windows platform.

Office Development Video Series

In this how-to video series Visual Basic developers will learn about the premiere development tools for building Office Business Applications.

Object Binding Video Series

This how-to video series is focused on more advanced data binding techniques using object binding in Visual Basic 2005. The series walks through creating business objects and how to associate them in one-to-many relationships, how to provide searching capabilities and how to enable sorting.

Visual Basic Interop Video Series

This how-to video series is focused on the Interop Forms Toolkit and working with Visual Basic .NET and Visual Basic 6 together. The Interop Forms Toolkit allows Visual Basic developers to migrate their Visual Basic 6 applications over to .NET using a phased migration strategy. Instead of having to convert the entire VB6 application at once, the toolkit enables .NET Forms and User Controls to run directly in Visual Basic 6 applications so that you can build the pieces that you need over time.

Security Video Series

In this how-to video series Visual Basic developers will explore a variety of security questions, including encryption, handling attacks, security best practices, and a lot more.

As you can see these videos covers a broad range of subjects. Some of the videos are related to programming with Linq, Database, Building Reports, Creating Templates, ClickOnce Deployment, Excel, Sharepoint, Power Point, Excel Web Services, Object Binding, Interoping and Deploying Hybrid based Applications, Various Security Videos for setting up Digital Signatures, Clinet Credentials, and many more!

There is bound to be a video or 2 that you would find interesting. The videos are based on the Novice and Professional Programmer. They are adding new videos on a regular basis as well. So they want you to check back once in a while. They claim that there are 48 new Videos since the March update.

So, if your interested in any of these videos, then simply click this link to the main video page. Have fun!