New Website Content – Added/Available (Updated!)

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This post is now Obsolete.

You may have or may not have noticed a few page links at the top of each page. These pages were to provide more static based information. These pages will continue to change and grow as more information or new information is found.

  Quick Update: I wanted to mention as well that a few weeks ago Microsoft released the Visual Basic 9.0 Language Specification 9.0 document. If you’ve wanted to know the Visual Basic language inside and out, then download and check out this huge document. You may be surprised at some coding techniques you could be using… Click here to goto the msdn download page… I may add this resource to a static page in the future.

FREE IDE Downloads – This page contains a small list of some available IDEs related to Visual Basic and/or Visual Basic.NET based programming. The programs listed should all be completely free of charge.

Service Pack Downloads – This page contains a list of all of the current service pack downloads related to Visual Basic and Visual Basic.NET. Only the latest versions will be listed here.

Utility Downloads – This is the newest page I added and contains a list of programs/utilities that I use on a somewhat regular basis. The page contains both programming and non-programming related programs that are Free of charge.

VB For Beginners – This page was mainly added for those who are basically very new to Visual Basic and Visual Basic.NET based programming. The page main contain both website listed tutorials or downloadable based tutorials like E-Books.

Hopefully you will like the new content being made available to the site. As time goes on the pages should be updated with new content. I will try to remember to list new content related to each of the pages when I find something new or something I forgot about.

Anyways, Have Fun!


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