Use the ‘MY’ interface in VB 2005 and Higher

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Visual Basic 2005 and Higher contains a unique feature which is the ‘MY’ interface. In fact, Visual Basic is the ONLY .net language at this time that even has this interface. Under the MY interface is a list of categorys ranging from Application to Webservices for you to choose from. You can think of MY as sort of a Shortcut menu. For instance, if you wanted to use the DoEvents() Sub you can do it the MY way or the typical way.

        'Typical way,
        'MY way,

So the MY way saved a step or 2 if none of the namespaces has been imported.

Another example is playing a sound using the Audio class.

        'Typical way,
        Dim audio As New Microsoft.VisualBasic.Devices.Audio
        'MY Way,

Again, there are a few steps saved using the MY interface. These are just a couple examples of a great many features the ‘MY’ interface gives us VB programmers.


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